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    Dear Bambuu
    We had an absolute wonderful trip! I can’t thank you enough for the perfect itinerary and guide. My husband and I have traveled quite a bit and this was easily the best trip we have taken. Oso was an incredible guide and the drivers were both perfect.

    We looked on Trip Advisor for the company to write a review, but couldn’t find it. Are you listed on any sites that we can leave our comments for future travelers?

    Thanks again,
    September 10, 2017
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    Dear Ms. Burmaa
    I am so thankful for the trip tou have arranged for me and I knew during the trip you keep checking if everything is on the way.

    Thank you and best wishes for you and your family

    August 4, 2017
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    Dear Bambuu
    It was a wonderful organised trip and holiday without any concerns or worries during it and we loved the country and the people, thinking when and how to be there again and visit another area.

    Thanks for everything.

    Regards, Charles
    july 28, 2017
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    Dear Visit Mongolia Team
    I would like to thank again for service. During our stay in Mongolia everything was excellent and professional.

    Best regards

    Andrea<>br Terelj and Hustai Tour
    July 11, 2016
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    Dear Bambuu
    We all arrived very well back home after our marvelous tour in Mongolia. Everybody was very happy en satisfied about the tour and services. We are looking forward to make another tour in Mongolia.

    Many thanks and best regards,

    June 29, 2016
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    Dear Burmaa
    I just wanted to say a big thank you – the clients were very satisfied with your service and recommended you highly.

    Thank you again and until next cooperation!
    With Best Regards,

    August 6, 2016
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    Dear Mr Burmaa
    It was a great pleasure to visit Mongolia with your support. Your guide Mr Yondon Tsong was very energetic, punctual and helping in nature. But for his guidance and help our journey to Mongolia would have been very difficult.

    With best wishes

    Dr P. Raghavan
    September 18, 2016
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    Hi, Mr. Bamboo
    I should have contacted earlier about our wonderful trip of Mongolia. Our guide, Solongo and driver Ogii were exceptionally good. We were lucky to have them. We have traveled many countries of the world but never had such friendly and cheerful guide and driver. For them our tour was simply unforgettable. Thank them and definitely you deserve the credit for our enjoyment. We will always recommend Visit Mongolia Tours to all of our friends.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Debajyoti Aichbhaumik.
    June 2014
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    Hello Bambuu
    We just got back to New Zealand yesterday. We really enjoyed our time in Mongolia and we got along really well with our guide Bayasa and Driver Batra and enjoyed their company. We didn’t have an evaluation form for Batra but would like to recommend him very much as he did such a great job. He has a fantastic knowledge of the roads and country side. We often went off the ‘main’ roads onto small tracks once he realized we loved to see as much of the wilderness as possible and always got us back on the right track. He did long hours driving and we appreciate the long times of concentrating on the rough roads he did. He was really helpful and always cheerful. Once he lost his shyness he could talk quite a bit of English. We’d have him as our driver any day again.

    Despite not experiencing much of the ‘eternal blue sky’ of Mongolia we loved every moment in your great country. We appreciate that the land desperately needs the rain and we quite enjoyed the downpours, the thunder storms and at the Flaming cliffs even a good lot of hail with the thunder and lightning. It was really spectacular.

    Bayasa is a really kind and lovely person but we felt she was more a translator than a guide as most of the knowledge of the countryside came through Batra. We hope very much that we will be back to Mongolia at some time in the future.

    Thank you so much for organising this trip for us.
    Kind regards
    Ursi and Eric
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    Dear Bambuu
    We returned home last week from Mongolia and I would like to thank you for the excellent organization of our tour in Mongolia. We were very happy learning about your country, your culture and last but not least about your people. We collected life-long memories about Mongolia. Special thanks should go to our very professional guide, Bayasgalan and to the excellent driver. They did a fantastic job.

    Best regards
    Laszlo Ranky
    Budapest, Hungary
    August 9, 2012
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    Dear Burmaa
    Once again I want to thank you for showing us such a wonderful time in Mongolia. I know you went out of your way to see that we had the best possible experiences, and I am not unmindful of your efforts. Throughout the trip, I felt that I had stepped back into another century. Then when we arrived back in Ulaan Baatar, I attended the best concert I have ever been to, and when I arrived back at the hotel that evening, there were beautiful fireworks right outside my window!

    You can be sure that when I hear of someone wanting to go to Mongolia, I will definitely have them contact you.

    All the best,
    Barbara Feig (USA)
    July 2011
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    Dear Burmaa
    We just got back to Shanghai from four wonder days in Mongolia. What a wonderful trip we had! Thank you for showing us your beautiful and enchanting country. We will recommend your agency to all of our friends!

    Our guide Yonoo and the two drivers are great. They were the best tourist ambassadors for Mongolia.

    KC and Rita
    July 31, 2011
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    Dear Mrs. Burmaa
    Now that we have returned to Portugal, we would like, once more, to thank you for all the program in Mongolia that you have prepared for us!
    We did really much enjoy our journey and we hope to return back to Mongolia soon!
    As you can read in the form we filled, everything (guide, drivers, ger camps, journey) was magnificent!

    Best Regards
    André and Sofia, (Portugal)
    September 2009
    Re: Chinggis Khaan Birth Place tour
    August 23- September 2, 2008
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    Dear Uranaa
    Once more, Pierre and myself want to tell you how much we have appreciated the excellent services of your company. Our guide and driver were charming and competent persons. They were very efficient to help us knowing many things about your country, culture and history. If we can manage to visit your country once more, we will certainly get in touch with you.

    Please give our best regards to our new friends, and my very best wiches to you.

    Henri Dorion (and Pierre Lahoud)
    Re: Beauty of Mongolia tour
    July 31- August 11, 2008
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    Thank you Visit Mongolia!
    It has been a wonderful experience. I would like to thank you Visit Mongolia for its flexibility with our itinerary so we could have a more pleasant trip.

    Monique Riviere and Andres O’Daly,
    Re: Western Mongolia tour
    July 25- August 05, 2008
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    Hi Burmaa
    I would like to thank you for this wonderful trip and your kindly help. Mongolia is beautiful country. Hope to see you again. You are also more than welcome to Hungary!

    Bayarlalaa, Bayartai (thank you and bye)
    Re: Beauty of Mongolia tour
    July 13- July 25, 2008
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    Dear Uranaa
    We had the best time in Mongolia. We are looking forward to planning another vacation with you next year. Our guide Bujee has been exeptional, intelligent, very kind and helpful and talanted. Drivers were also most considerate and polite. Our meals were great. Thank you for all your care.

    Danielle Gordon,
    Texas, USA
    Re: Karakorum, Gobi Desert and Terelj combained tours
    July 16- July 24, 2007
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    Hello Visit Mongolia team
    As promised to Ulzi, please find some feedback regarding our trip to Mongolia with your company. All we were happy and satisfied with our experience. We were able to see quite a lot of your beautiful country, get an idea of the way people live and were exposed to your culture. We liked especially the trip to Gobi and Terelj. The camel and horse riding trips were fun and of the perfect duration. Staying overnight in ger camps was an experience we enjoyed but after six nights we were happy to sleep again in an hotel room.

    Foods was good and in general better than what we expected , esp. in the ger camps as we understand that is is not easy to get proper supply here.
    General logistics, equipment ( incl. cars ) were all according to expectations and all our drivers where excellent and very friendly and helpful. Ulzi was an excellent guide (knowledgeable, practical, with good humor etc).

    We might be coming back to Mongolia, but then probably for a trip to this volcano area and the North (lake and Altai). If so, we will definitely contact your company again for a proposal. As I mentioned already, we were happy with your services and hence would also recommend you to friends/ relatives.

    All the best for you, the company and Ulzi and maybe till our next trip to Mongolia. Regards,
    Herman, Belgium
    Re: Contrasts of Mongolia combained with Naadam Festival tour
    July 9- July 20, 2007
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    My dear Burmaa
    I feel as though we are of the same family now. I am grateful that Kay & I were being taken care of by a local tour company & by you specifically. The constant change by Aero Mongolia made your days very stressful & ours very uncertain. You were magnificent.

    You are a wonderful person Burmaa & I genuinely hope that we are friends who meet again in the future. My home is open to you whenever you have the opportunity to come to the USA. I loved your country, you & its people.

    Mary Gilliam, Arizona, USA

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