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By Air
The majority of visitors arrive in Mongolia by air through Chingis Khaan International Airport, located 18 km to the southwest of Ulaanbaatar.

MIAT (Mongolian Airlines), Air China, Korean Airline and Aeroflot (Russian Airline) operate year round flights to Ulaanbaatar city from Moscow and Irkutsk (Russia), Beijing and Huh Hot (China), Seoul (Korea), Tokyo and Osaka (Japan), Berlin (Germany)
Moscow - AEROFLOT Russian Airlines, MIAT Mongolian Airlines
Beijing - MIAT (Mongolian Airlines), Air China
Seoul - MIAT (Mongolian Airlines), Korean Air
Tokyo and Osaka - MIAT (Mongolian Airlines)
Berlin and Frankfurt - MIAT (Mongolian Airlines)
Irkutsk - MIAT (Mongolian Airlines), Eznis Airways
Tourists from Europe usually come to Mongolia via Moscow and Berlin.
We advise tourists coming from North America to come to Mongolia via Seoul unless they want to stop in Beijing.

By Train
The legendary Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest continuous rail line in the World. The total distance by rail from Beijing to St Petersburg, Russia is 7925 kilometers. The Trans Mongolian runs from Russian border via Ulaanbaatar to the Chinese border. A total of 1110 kilometers of "Trans-Mongolian Main Line" is operated inside Mongolia.

The famous railway route is Moscow – Ulaanbaatar – Beijing. The journey by train from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar takes 5 days and from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar takes 36 hours.

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