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The Mongolian national currency is the Tugrik ( MNT). All major currencies can be exchanged at banks and licensed exchange places in Ulaanbaatar . VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, JCB and Thomas Cook travelers Cheques are accepted at banks. Major credit cards are acceptable at the biggest hotels, restaurants and supermarkets in Ulaanbaatar.

Ports of Entry
International flights arrive and depart from Chinggis Khaan international airport in Ulaanbaatar. The train passes through the frontier posts of Sukhbaatar and Zamyn Uud. The passport must be valid for six months after the exit date from Mongolia. Newly arrived visitors must fill out a declaration form with the amount of money /unlimited/ they are bringing in and declare any objects of value. This form must be kept until departure. Keep all receipts for expensive purchases, especially souvenirs. Antiques and fossils must be taken out of the country with a special certificate and receipt from an officially licensed dealers. The export of animal furs is subject to a special authorization.

Every tourist will complete a customs declaration on arrival, which must be retained by him or her until his or her departure. This allows the free import and export of articles for personal use during your stay. The contents of check-in baggage must be declared on arrival if the total value of those contents exceeds US$3000 in value. The contents of check-in baggage must be declared upon departure if the total value of those goods exceeds US$500.

The standard voltage in Mongolia is 220 volts/50Hz. Sockets require a two - pin type plug or an adapter.

Health requirements
All visitors are strongly encouraged to have suitable medical insurance when traveling to Mongolia. Medical services are available and patients are responsible for any expenses incurred for medical treatment.

You are strongly recommended to have travel insurance prior to your travel.

International and internet communication
Placing an international call from Mongolia, including province and county centers, is very easy. Cell phone coverage is now available in Ulaanbaatar and all province centers. Satellite phone service is available at some of our camps. You will be able to access the internet while in Ulaanbaatar and in province centers.

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