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When entering a ger, move in a clockwise direction to the west and north. The east side of the ger is the women’s side and the west side is the men’s side
When in a ger, do not hang on ger poles
Keep your hat on when entering a ger, if you are wearing one, but lift it as a sign of greeting
Ensure you remove your gloves when shaking hands, if you are wearing them
When giving or receiving food or drink, you should do with your right hand extended and left hand supporting the right elbow
Take at least a sip or nibble of the delicacies offered
Pick up things with an open hand, with your palm facing upwards
Grab the hand of a Mongolian if you have accidentally kicked their feet
Sit with your feet underneath you of cross-legged
Leave a small gift, other than money, for your hosts

While eating or drinking:

  • Hold your cup or bowl by the bottom or sides, but never by the rim
  • Avoid standing

If food or other items are placed out when a group sits together, it is communal property.

Some don’ts about visiting

  • Don’t sit where the older people sit
  • Don’t give or take with your left hand
  • Don’t sit in front of the door
  • Don’t lean against a support column furniture or wall of the ger
  • Don’t turn your back to the altar and religious objects at the back of the ger
  • Don’t whistle inside a ger or house
  • Don’t let your feet point in the direction of the altar (which will be in the north side) when sitting in a ger
  • Don’t let people walk over your outstretched legs
  • Don’t tread on the threshold of the ger when you walk over it
  • Don’t stamp out a fire or put water or any rubbish on it; fire is sacred
  • Don’t pass anything to a Mongolian with just two fingers

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