Dornod Aimag is the ‘far east’ of Mongolia, a land of romote grassy steppes where Mongolia, China and the Russian Federation meet together. Eastern Mongolian Plains feature a miracle of verdant grasslands that extend as far as the eye can see as well as lakes, mineral springs and gently rolling hills. The steppes are home to rich wildlife dominated by thousands of white-tailed gazelle (Mongolian gazelle). Traditional folk songs, blacksmith and silversmith skills, and handicrafts of Dariganga people, who inhabit the southern end of the plains, are famous throughout Mongolia.

Dornod Mongoliin Tal (Oriental Mongolian Steppe).  This is dry steppe, unspoiled by man. In 1992 a Strictly Protected Area of 5,704 square kilometers was declared, primarily to safeguard ob example of the large undisturbed steppe ecosystem in the World, and protect one of the greatest wildlife sights in Central Asia-the massive herds of Mongolian Gazelle (Procarpa gutturosa). Herds up to 40,000 strong migrate through the reserve, and between 300,000 and 1,000,000 Mongolian Gazelle live on the steppes of Mongolia.

Lake of Buir Nuur. Buir Nuur is not only a very beautiful lake also the largest on east Mongolia, being 21 kilometers wide, 40 kilometers long and covering 615 square kilometers. The lake is home to Mirror Carp, Taimen, Chub, Lenok, Amur Graying, Pike, Khadary, Silver Carp, Amur Catfish, Burbot, Whitefish, and Golden Carp. A fishery is developed, and an estimated 300 tones may be landed annually. The main game fish is Amur Carp. Black Stork, White Spoonbill and Little Whimbrel are common.



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