VMT-ST-1 Ulaanbaatar & Terelj-4 days
Hot spots: Ulaanbaatar, Terelj National Park

VMT-ST-2-Ruins of 12th Century Capital City Karakorum-6 days
Hot spots: Ulaanbaatar, Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dune, Karakorum, Khustai National Park

VMT-ST-5- Khustai National Park-4 days
Hot spots: Ulaanbaatar, Khustai National Park

VMT-ST-6 Terelj, Khustai, Karakorum and Elsen Tasarkhai-7 days
Hot spots: Ulaanbaatar, Terelj, Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dune, Karakorum, Khustai National Park

VMT-ST-7 Ulaanbaatar, Terelj and Gun Galuut Nature Reserve-5 days
Hot spots: Ulaanbaatar, Terelj, Gun Galuut Nature Reserve

VMT-CHT-6 Lunar Year, Eagle and Ice Festivals-2010
Terelj National Park, Khuvsgul Lake, Eagle festival, Lunar New Year festival, Ice festival
Gorkhi-Terelj National Park
Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, created in 1993, borders the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area, and it is one of the most visited protected areas. Terelj, on the Terelj river bank is a spectacular valley with eroded rock formations, pine-covered mountains and grasslands carpeted with perennial wildflowers and edelweiss.

The park is located 80 km away from Ulaanbaatar and is one of the most beautiful places in Mongolia. There are also a huge number of adventure activities such as rafting, horseback riding, hiking, skiing, camping and mountain biking.

Bogd Khan Mountain National Park
This mountain adorns the south side of Ulaanbaatar. It has enjoyed State protection since 1778, one of World’s first protected places. The Bogd Khan contains sacred mountains and rock carvings, over 300 plant varieties and animals such as boar, fox, hare, wolf, squirrel, eagles and woodpeckers. You can also visit the Manzushir Khiid, an 18th century monastery in the southern reserve. The Monastery overlooks a beautiful valley of streams and pine, birch trees, dotted with granite boulders. Established in 1733, it had over 20 temples and was once home to at least 300 monks.
Gun Galuut Narural Reserve
Gun-Galuut is one of the most popular nature reserves of Mongolia. The Reserve is truly the marvelous combination of high mountains, colorful flowers, pretty lakes, rivers and wetlands with its famous rare species. It is a home to endangered wild Mountain sheep, Argali the Big Horns, White-napped crane, Siberian White Crane, Hooded Crane, the rare Black stork, Asian heron, Whooper swan, Swan Goose and more. Over 80 Argali sheep inhabit peacefully in Gun-Galuut now. Tourists visiting the Nature Reserve have the opportunities of watching and taking photos of the endangered species, rafting and fishing in the lakes and rives, camping in a beautiful and peaceful nature, visiting a nomadic family, riding horse, yak and camel and introducing with traditional nomadic lifestyle and culture.

Khustai Natural Reserve
The Khustai National Park has an area of 50,620 hectares and is located 95 km west of the capital Ulaanbaatar. Run by the Mongolian Association for the Conservation of Nature and the Environment (MACNE), with the cooperation of the Foundation Reserves for the Przewalski Horse (FRPH) and the support of the Dutch government, one of the park's main goals is to reintroduce the Takhi, the last remaining wild horse worldwide. Also called the Przewalski horse (named after the Polish explorer who first 'discovered' the horse in 1878), the horses' numbers were greatly reduced after poachers killed them for meat, and overgrazing and development reduced their fodder and breeding grounds. In the last 10 years, the Takhi has been increased to more than 200 horses.

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