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Visit Mongolia is pleased to serve as your ultimate guide to Mongolia. Visit Mongolia is a one-stop, Mongolia-based Tour Company specializing in selling the whole spectrum of Mongolia tourism products. Our company was founded in 2000 and is fully licensed by the Tourism Authority of Mongolia, License No 117.

As the result of a 10-year history of mutual cooperation we can rely on the excellence of our experienced staff, skilled guide-interpreters, practical local guides as well as efforts of accurately selected industry's service entities as hotels, restaurants, tourist camps etc.

We strongly believe that all these proven achievements would bring a success in our team work and make every tour to totally respond clients’ expectations making them happy and enjoyed.

Everyone who had been traveled with us can freely share their ideas and opinions according our programs and services which will be very helpful for our further works.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any kind of travel inquiries for Mongolia.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


We aim to provide the best possible user experience by putting the interests of our users first. It is only through excellent user experiences that visitors will come back and will tell their friends. By always putting the visitors first we can be ‘The best place to plan your next holiday’. The aims of Visit Mongolia are simple. They are to:

  • Foster and promote tourism within Mongolia 
  • Excel in the provision of services to the traveling public 
  • Provide the highest possible level of personalized service 
  • Give good value for money 
  • Be flexible and adaptable in meeting the special needs of clients


Visit Mongolia is primarily concerned with inbound tourism to different destinations in Mongolia such as Gobi Desert, Lake Huvsgul, Altai mountain, Genghis Khaan Birthplace and Karakorum. To facilitate this business and to meet our objectives, strong emphasis is placed on: 

  • Developing mutually beneficial strategic alliances within the industry both in Mongolia and overseas 
  • Maximizing the use of modern communications technology 
  • Responding promptly and efficiently to clients’ requests 


"Born & bred", and based in Mongolia and intensely focused on promoting the country as a new tourist destination. The company has developed with an intimate knowledge of the Mongolia tourist industry and a very strong local identity. These accomplishments allow Visit Mongolia to:

  • Provide a one-stop shop for overseas clients 
  • Establish close and harmonious relationships with our local service providers 
  • Maximize our market penetration, and 
  • Allow the provision of timely, effective and efficient service to our traveling guests.
  • Understand at a deeper level what our customers really want and then make sure that this is the focus of our efforts to improve.


At Visit Mongolia, we believe the key to our success is flexibility which, in turn, allows us to respond to the needs of each individual tourist. While meeting the market demands for competitively priced packaged tours, Visit Mongolia offers a diverse range of programs. All can be adapted to meet the particular demands of clients. These products are presented in such a way that travelers may design their own tours to suit their own unique and particular needs. Visit Mongolia has special programs to cater for a variety of interests and situations including 

  • Adventure Tours 
  • Cultural Tours
  • Sightseeing
  • Festivals and Cultural Events
  • Scientific Research Programs
  • Executive "Getaways"
  • Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions 


Visit Mongolia is built on the premise that work should be enjoyable, fulfilling and most importantly be in balance with the rest of our lives. Our business systems are designed from the ground up to enable family-friendly and genuinely flexible work practices for everyone.  Because of the full range of tour operator and ground support services already established and provided, Visit Mongolia is both confident and competent in its ability to provide the full complement of services required by our overseas guests. Our services include:

  • Full-time Airport Meet and Greet Services 
  • Airport/Hotel/Transfers and Transportation Services 
  • Hotel Visitation Services and Hospitality Desk 
  • Guest Problem Resolution and Emergency Help Services 
  • Onward Ticket Reconfirmation 
  • Sightseeing, Entertainment and Optional Tours 


The resources at the disposal of Visit Mongolia ensure that the services offered by the company can be provided efficiently, effectively, economically and in a timely manner. All resources are constantly being increased to satisfy the growth in business volume. 

  • Personnel – Visit Mongolia's friendly, experienced and well-trained administrative, transport management and tour guides provide a resource which ensures service and satisfaction. 
  • Transport – The Visit Mongolia transport fleet comprises modern coaches and minibuses. 
  • Communications – State of the art communication technology is used throughout the company to facilitate accurate, speedy and low cost internal and external contact. This same technology is also used for our administrative support systems. 


We are proud of the fact that Visit Mongolia has a team of experienced Mongolian and foreign personnel who are considered to be the Company’s main asset 

  • Most have many years of hands-on experience 
  • Locally or overseas trained 
  • Devoted to excellence and attention to detail 
  • Multilingual 
  • Recognize the importance of customer service 


Visit Mongolia has rapidly acquired a reputation for the high quality of its service delivery and has gained the support of many overseas business partners in the USA, Europe and Asia.

In the business world, Visit Mongolia has established a name for providing an outstanding level of service for groups using Mongolia as a venue for meetings, incentive tours and conferences. Again, it is felt that this success is due to fact that we know each group is both different and special, and always plan events on a one-off basis.  There is always room for improvement. Always ask how we can do better and look for strategies and actions to improve. The devil is in the detail. Make sure that if we’re doing something, we do it really well. Start with research and do research every step of the way to ensure we are meeting real needs. Apply what we learn. 


Our address: Juulchdiin street-10, Chingeltei district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Postal address: Box 304, P.O-49, Ulaanbaatar-13381, Mongolia
Tel.: (976) 77203539, (976) 99083539,
Fax: (976) 77203539


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