Mongolian “Bridge” Group and Japanese “Tsagaan Sogoo” company established the "Tsenkher Jiguur" tourist camp in 1995 pursuing two main goals, the development of tourism based on a hot spa, which is situated in Tsenkher sum of Arkhangai prefecture and the contribution to the local area development.
Here you can feel the world’s most unspoiled wilderness and its spectacular views. The team has 12 years of experience. Japanese style indoor and outdoor hot bath built upon the natural hot spa and their natural surroundings will remind you the real untouched nature that will let you relax and have an amazing vacation.

Our tourist camp is located in 480 km west from Ulaanbaatar, where is a popular zone in Mongolia.

“Tsenkher Jiguur” camp offers 32 fully firnished gers and rooms, which can accommodate up to 100 guests per night.

Property Amenities

  • Outdoor baths (male & female)
  • Indoor baths (male & female)
  • Shower & sauna,
  • Lavatories
  • Wash room
  • Mini store
  • Ger restaurant
  • Bar
  • Snooker Billiard
  • Massage room

Area Activities
While staying at our camp you have many opportunities to make your stay memorable by going on various adventure trips such as:

  • Horse riding
  • Visit to herder’s family
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Star observation
  • Exploring mountain plants
  • Firework (bonfire)
  • Traditional games
  • Diary product course
  • Mongolian meal course
  • Morin huur course
  • Horse riding course

The spa that spring up from the deep of the earth contains the Sulphur. The water temperature is 86.50C gushing 10 liters per second. The curative spa is very efficient for people who suffer from Neuralgia, muscular rheumatism, articular rheumatism, bruise, diabetes, poor blood circulation, chronic digestive organs disease, cut wound, fatigue and a health improvence.

  • Quality of mineral Normal acid
  • Degree + 86.5o C
  • PH 9.28
  • Amount 10L/sec.

Good for following illnesses Neuralgia, muscle pains, arthritis, paralyzed organs for movement, knuckles’ disease, joints’ hurts, digest disorder, anemia, refreshing after medical treatments, fatigue, skin disease, STI, wounds and diabetes. Restricted for taking the hot water for longer time. People who just have got illness, and people who have following diagnose: heart disorder, kidney disease, blood-lost people, chronic-anemia, cancer, pregnant or breast-feeding moms, dermatological disorder. People who have ingestion, or diabetes, digest disorder allow drink little bit. Let them drink 65 ml a day. Do not have hot spring, when you are hungry or right after eaten, or drink! Please, take off your clothes first, then have a shower and be clean before you bathing in a hot spring! For hygienic purposes it is regulatory to take bath naked in the hot spa.
Working period: 1st May – 1st October.

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