The “Tsagaan Suvarga” tourist camp began its operation in 2003. It was founded leaning on the natural beauty of a locality called “Tsagaan Suvarga” situated in Ulziit soum, Dundgobi aimag, halfway between Dalanzadgad and Mandalgobi along the main road connecting these two towns.

The “Tsagaan Suvarga” tourist camp is located in a valley in the midst of gobi landscape 426 km from Ulaanbaatar, 156 km from Mandalgobi, 70 km from Ulziit soum, and 40 km from Tsogt-Ovoo soum, Umnugobi aimag.

Geographical Location:

  • 44º 34' 40.5" North Latitude
  • 105º 48' 54.2" East Longitude
  • 1234 m Above sea level

Tsagaan Suvarga camp offers 10 fully furnished gers, which can accommodate up to 30 guests per night.

Property Amenities

  • Accommodation: 10 gers with a total of 30 beds.
  • Bath-room facilities
  • Ger-restaurant that will seat 30 people at one time.
  • Information on the sightseeing places can be obtained beforehand right at the camp to choose a customer-tailored route. Albums, brochures, video tapes, short movies are available.
  • Upon request:
  • Folklore concert
  • Camel polo show
  • Felt-making and assembling a ger
  • Mini-naadam (wrestling, archery and horse- or camel-racing)
  • Car tour

Area Activities and Attractions

  • Tours on horse-back, camel-back and by carriage pulled by camels.
  • Visits to herder families where served will be the traditional dairy products like milk, fermented mare’s milk, camel’s fermented milk, curds, and cheese. Observation of the techniques of making these products.
  • The great canyon of “Tsagaan Suvarga” that appears like ancient cities and palaces in the beauty of the Great Gobi.
  • The 70 meter-long cape of Khevtee Bosoo.
  • Groves of elm trees that are rarely found in the Gobi. These can be seen at such places as Den, Montoi and Murui.
  • Sand dunes.
  • The picturesque gorges in the Del mountain (the cliffs at Ulaan Am, Duruu Khanginakh and Boldiin Am).
  • The gallery of ‘paintings on rocks’ at Biluun and Ulziit west of Del mountain. A collection of numerous inscriptions dating back to the Bronze Age, that is, III-I millennium BC.
  • The unique landscape of the mountains in the Gobi. Zeeg, Ikh baga khairkhans, Del and Khunjil, Khongor kharkhan. Khuuvur and Khairkhan gobies.
  • Plants like saxaul, elm and animals like wild sheep and goat, fox, wolf.
  • The remains of ancient flora and fauna.

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