Historical & Geographical Facts about "Alagtsar" Tourist Camp
(Huvsgul Lake)

The name “Alagtsar” comes from the river “Alagtsar”, which originates from the Yargis Mountain and flows into Lake Khuvsgul. The river Alagtsar is 17 miles long with a beautiful and expansive valley of 132 sq.miles. The Alagtsar is also knows as a fishermans’ paradise with abuntant varieties of fresh water fish. The virgin forests surrounding the Alagtsar is rich with wild berries and herbs.
Alagtsar tourist camp is located right on the shore of Khuvsgul Lake where the Alagtsar flows into the lake.


  • 822 Km North from Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.
  • Geographic coordinates 1000 23’ 11” E , 500 31’ 21” N
  • Elevated 5100 ft above sea level


  • Accommadates up to 60 people one time
  • Ger museum
  • 10 gers each has 3 beds
  • 8 bedroom wooden house with restrooms, shower, sauna, pool table, and ping pong table
  • Outdoor recreation field
  • Outdoor tanning
  • Solar and Fuel electric generators of 30KW
  • Tour boat
  • Kayaks
  • Personal Water craft
  • Phone and Sattelite Communication
  • TV Sattelite Antenna

Area Activities
Lake Khuvsgul, or the Ocean Mother, as it is known to the Mongolians , is the birthplace of Dobu Mergen (Dobu The Keen) and his wife Alangoo (the Beautiful), who gave birth to Chingis Khan.

A story in the famous script Mongolian Secret History begins with “…the Burtu Wolf and the Beatifull Deer came across the ocean …”, which today is known as Lake Khuvsgul.
The lake is 1066 sq.miles, 85 miles long, and 23 miles wide. The deepest point is 860 ft.

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